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We help your team collaborate to solve problems, creatively and strategically.

We help teams of 2 to 150+ collaborate to solve problems, creatively. We facilitate visual, hands-on, and strategic workshops that energize and motivate (in-person or digital) rooms of thinkers and doers to solve the most challenging of problems. We guide people out of traditional thinking ruts and give them permission to curiously play, strategize, and solve.

Examples include: leadership/board retreats, mission/vision/values revamp, strategic planning, community engagement and co-design, data synthesis and activation, retrospectives, collaboration agreements, intentional team-building and retreats, Nonprofit Lifecycles Assessment, FourSight Mindset Reveal workshop series (see more in Skill-Building Sessions, below)

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Workshop FAQs:

Q: How long is a typical workshop?
Q: Are workshops just another meeting?
Q: How do I know if I need a workshop?
Q: Is this going to be one of those kumbayah, woo-woo sessions where we talk about our feelings and hug each other?
Q: How much does a Mindflower workshop cost?
Q: How much advanced notice do you need for a workshop?

Find clarity in the face of complexity. We can turn your meetings, recordings, conceptual ideas, and data into a comprehensive visual summary or illustration. We can also draw live during a conference or meeting so you can “see” how the conversation or story unfolds in real time. Our playful, yet elegant, visuals boost retention, improve audience engagement, and encourage better conversations.

See our blog post to learn more about Mindflower's Graphic Recording service.

Examples include: strategic roadmaps, theory of change illustrations, strategic roadmaps, program maps, infographics,  journey maps, focus group summaries, user research insights, process diagrams, visual consulting, strategic planning summaries, goals, implementation plans

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Visual Summary FAQs:

Q: What types of things do you draw?
Q: How do I know if a visual summary is right for me?
Q: Can you create a visual summary from a recorded meeting?
Q: What if I don’t know exactly what I am trying to say?
Q: How does Live Graphic Recording Work?
Q: Can you draw digitally instead of on paper?

We offer the FourSight Mindset Assessment to help teams understand and utilize their thinking preferences for improved collaboration.

We guide groups through the Nonprofit Lifecycles Assessment to help nonprofits assess their capacity needs and develop informed strategies.

We also offer customized training programs on creative problem solving, facilitation, innovation, design design thinking, visual thinking, and more.

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Skill-building FAQs:

Q: Do you offer customized training?
Q: Do you offer any standard, ready-to-go training?
Q: Do you present at conferences?
Q: What is the FourSight Mindset Assessment and how does this process work?
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