Welcome to the Mindflower website! We look forward to supporting your creative and strategic endeavors.

Facilitating and illustrating to help teams solve problems.

We design & facilitate visual and creative workshops.

We synthesize & illustrate important information.

We help teams collaborate to solve problems.

Mindflower Studio is a Phoenix-based creative thinking consultancy. We work with nonprofits, boards, leaders, teams, and socially-driven organizations. We are workshop facilitators and visual practitioners that use visual thinking, creative problem-solving, and design thinking to help your team solve problems more effectively and creatively.

We empower your organization to be more nimble, strategic, empathetic, and, of course, creative. We know you are the experts of your industry and experiences; we are here to guide the process.


We facilitate visual and creative workshop experiences designed to help teams collaborate to solve problems.

We create visual summaries (aka: graphic recordings) to help clarify complex information.

We teach the skills to be a creative thinker, doer, and facilitator.

We provide collaborative consulting to organizations, boards, leaders, cohorts, and teams who want to embrace creativity, strategy, and collaboration.


We facilitate visual, hands-on, and strategic workshops that energize and motivate rooms of thinkers and doers to solve the most challenging of problems. We offer in-person and digital facilitation services.

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AKA: Graphic Recording. We turn your conversations, ideas, and meetings into digestible visuals. We create visual summaries that capture the experience of a webinar, conversation, workshop,  history, or strategic initiative. We help you disseminate information in a cohesive, visual way.

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We offer customized training programs to teach the skills to become digital and in-person facilitators, creative problem solvers, design thinkers, visual communicators, and empathetic listeners.

We offer the FourSight Mindset Assessment and workshop series which helps your team understand their preferences along the creative-problem-solving continuum.

We guide groups through the Nonprofit Lifecycles Assessment to help nonprofits assess their capacity needs and capacity-building strategies.

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Our Clients:

We are truly honored to work with incredible clients throughout the state of Arizona and across the nation.
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Heidi Holtz

Board Member - Friends of the Rosamond Gifford Zoo

“We found the perfect facilitator. The images Abby drew of our new Zoo vision have stayed with all of us, and the connections we made between staff and board continue to grow. Abby's wisdom, charm, and thoughtfulness took a regular old board retreat to a new level! We needed to bump up our creativity, we needed to find the fun in our work, and we needed to energize staff and board. The visual facilitation that Abby does so well was key to all of this.”

Matthew Fehling

CEO, Better Business Bureau Serving the Pacific Southwest

“We recently hired Abby to facilitate and lead a half-day retreat with over 65 directors of 4 different boards (yes, you read that right). The experience was, in a word, smooth. Abby truly listened to our needs and designed a process that was not only inclusive of all attendees but also delivered a number of actionable and impactful ideas. Additionally, her communication with the internal team throughout the process was prompt and professional.”

Grace O’Sullivan

Vice President of Corporate Engagement and Strategic Partnerships

“Abby did a wonderful job conducting research with our key clients, designing a workshop, and engaging key stakeholders. She was able to inject creativity into the entire process and worked hard to ensure the workshop was fun AND productive. A winning combination.

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