Mindflower Studio Holiday Card

Crossword Answer Key

Hello friend! If you are looking for the answers to the Mindflower Holiday card crossword, you are in the right place. Please see the image below for the solution. If you did not get this year’s holiday card and somehow stumbled upon this page, please use the Contact page to send us a note and we will add you to our mailing list.


2 - Icon of the desert southwest
5 - Desert friend from last year's Mindflower holiday card
7 - To guide the process of a meeting or workshop
8 - Given under the mistletoe
10 - Fuzzy and flexible craft supplies or fidget toys
14 - Workshop's plan of the day
15 - Polar express onomatopoeia
16 - Close of the year


1 - Flighty friend or piece of snow
2 - Type of thinking and problem-solving we aim for in a workshop
3 - Mode of transportation to take ideas from the table to the wall
4 - A gap in Arizona
6 - Cheers! Cheers! Cheers!
9 - Our favorite tool for digital drawing
11 - Taking a walk in someone else's shoes
12 - Mindflower logo
13 - Rubber or musical