Mindflower Studio partnered with Pipeline AZ, a division of the Partnership for Economic Innovation, to develop and facilitate a series of workshops focused on examining the opportunities, gaps, and redundancies facing talent and career development at every stage of the student lifecycle in Arizona.

The Education Leadership Group (ELG) is comprised of educators, administrators, and leaders from education organizations across the state. Through the workshop series, the Education Leadership Group identified their key user needs, assets, opportunities, and recommendations for action. All efforts were geared towards the Pipeline AZ and ELG mission of making Arizona the national showcase of workforce innovation, through collaboration across the talent development ecosystem.

​Are you interested in the conversation around Education and Industry? You can learn more by reading Pipeline AZ's ELG Report that came out of our workshop series here.

Katherine Pappas

Director of Workforce Strategy
Pipeline AZ

"Abby immediately felt like the strategic colleague that you never knew was always there. She is an amazing presenter and is both personable and savvy from strategy to technology.

Engaging with Mindflower enabled our team to gain a partner who could optimize our efforts and overall performance. The workshop series ended on such a high because of the foundation that was set forth by our partnership, we are so grateful to move ELG forward and see the impact that it can have on the state of Arizona's talent development in the future!"

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