At Mindflower Studio, we thrive on collaborating with organizations dedicated to making a meaningful impact in their (and our!) communities. Recently, we had the privilege of partnering with Stardust Building Supplies, alongside Karen Jayne, CEO of Stardust, and Kim Hartmann from KCH Solutions, to illustrate their visionary new Gifts in Kind Program Expansion. Today, we're excited to share a visual summary of this groundbreaking initiative.

The visual summary depicts the innovative model behind Stardust's Gifts in Kind Program Expansion and what Proof of Concept Nonprofit Partners can expect from this journey. Once the Proof of Concept is complete, Stardust plans to refine its model and turn this concept into a fully-functioning service.

Stardust Gifts in Kind Program Expansion - Proof of Concept - Visual Summary drawn by Mindflower Studio

Here's how it works: 

Donation partners such as Good360, Amazon, Walmart, Feed the Children, and GCU City Serve contribute new, high-quality goods, either by truckload or through donation-sharing among nonprofits within Maricopa County.

These goods are then brought to Stardust's Mesa Reuse Center, where nonprofit partners can access them through a streamlined process facilitated by a Shopify portal.

Partners can choose to storage their selected goods at Stardust, pick them up, or have them delivered. They have the choice to receive a whole truckload of goods or 1+ pallets, depending on their needs, clients, and availability.

What sets this expansion apart is its focus on community opportunity and systems-wide efficiency for nonprofits. By increasing both the quantity and quality of goods available, this model enables organizations to better leverage their budgets and say yes to donors with excess goods. Moreover, it alleviates coordination burdens, ensuring that nonprofits can focus on serving their clients effectively.

Stardust's extensive experience in moving goods, coupled with its robust infrastructure, makes it the perfect host for this program. With goals to turn $100k of donated funds (thanks to the Piper Trust) into $2m worth of goods, serving 1k families/individuals, and benefiting 5 nonprofits, Stardust is poised to make a transformative impact in the community, even in the proof of concept phase.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to Piper Trust for their sponsorship of this program, as well as to the 5 Proof of Concept Nonprofits—UMOM New Day Centers (, St. Vincent de Paul (, Nourish Phoenix (, A New Leaf (, and Assistance League of Phoenix (—for their invaluable contributions. Finally, we express gratitude to the 5 donation partners for their continued and renewed commitment to creating positive change.

At Mindflower Studio, we are honored to have played a part in visualizing and bringing this innovative program to life. We worked closely with Stardust, utilizing our expertise in visual communication, nonprofits, and community work to create a comprehensive visual summary that captures the essence of their vision. We are committed to supporting organizations like Stardust in their mission to make a difference, one illustration at a time.

5 Proof of Concept Nonprofits

UMOM New Day Centers (

St. Vincent de Paul (

Nourish Phoenix (

A New Leaf (

Assistance League of Phoenix (

Donation Partners: 

Good360 (

Amazon (

Walmart (

Feed the Children (

GCU City Serve (


Virginia G. Piper Charitable Trust (

Valley of the Sun United Way (

The Diane & Bruce Halle Foundation (


Karen Jayne

Stardust Building Supplies

Enjoyable. Productive. Fun! Abby was easy to talk to and work with throughout the process. She is inquisitive and thoughtful. The result is a fun, engaging graphic that clearly shares our concept visually. The process was great and the end result was perfect!

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