At Mindflower Studio, our expertise extends beyond graphic facilitation to include graphic recording—a process where founder Abby Wilkymacky transforms live discussions into captivating visual summaries. Let's explore what this process looks like when you choose Mindflower Studio for your graphic recording needs:

1. Initial Consultation:

It all begins with a thorough consultation led by Abby herself. Drawing on her background as both a strategic and creative facilitator, Abby dives deep into your event goals, audience, and key messages. This unique perspective allows her to ensure that the visuals created align perfectly with your objectives.

2. Preparation:

With insights from the consultation, Abby prepares her digital tools—typically an iPad and accompanying software—for the recording session. The setup is meticulously organized for seamless integration with your event's technology.

3. Live Recording:

During the event, Abby is onsite, translating spoken words into visual masterpieces in real-time. Whether it's a conference keynote, brainstorming session, or strategic planning meeting, Abby captures every important point and idea with precision, leveraging her strategic understanding to highlight the underlying themes and connections driving meaningful discussions.

4. Projection:

The digital recording is projected onto a screen, allowing participants to follow along with the conversation and witness their ideas come to life visually. This immersive experience enhances engagement and understanding among attendees.

5. Final Delivery:

Once the event concludes, you receive a digital copy of the graphic recording. This visual artifact serves as a valuable resource for future reference, sharing with stakeholders, or promoting the event's outcomes.

At Mindflower Studio, our approach to graphic recording is rooted in a commitment to creating an immersive and informative experience for clients - just like our facilitated workshops! We love the blend of artistic talent and strategic thinking inherent in this trade. Whether you're organizing a corporate retreat, industry conference, or community workshop, graphic recording by Mindflower Studio can add depth and engagement to your event. Reach out to Abby today to learn more about her services and how she can enhance your next gathering. See our contact page to send a note to Abby directly.

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