In today's rapidly evolving world, innovation has become the cornerstone of success for companies striving to make a meaningful impact. Recognizing this, Baltimore Aircoil Company (BAC), in collaboration with Mindflower Studio and Janna Sobel, crafted and launched the BAC Innovation Institute, a 5.5-day training program designed to embed the innovation process within BAC's culture.

About the BAC Innovation Institute

The BAC Innovation Institute is a unique training program aimed at teaching and embedding the innovation process within the culture of BAC. Hosted digitally for an international cohort, this intensive 5.5-day program equips participants with the tools, techniques, and mindset needed to drive innovation across the organization. The BAC Innovation Institute focuses on a structured innovation process comprising five key steps: Frame, Discover, Ideate, Elaborate, and Launch. This systematic approach guides participants through the journey of identifying opportunities, generating ideas, refining concepts, and bringing innovative solutions to life.

At its core, BAC's mission is to reinvent cooling for a more sustainable future. Inspired by nature and powered by people, BAC is committed to advancing truly sustainable cooling solutions for a world that depends on it to grow, succeed, and thrive. The BAC Innovation Institute aligns perfectly with this vision, empowering employees to drive innovation that supports BAC's ambitious goals.

Becoming an iMentor

Upon graduation from the program, participants earn the title of "iMentor." As an iMentor, individuals are empowered with the support they need to embark on their first innovation project. This hands-on experience allows them to build real-world confidence, facilitating innovative sessions within BAC and inspiring employees across the organization to leverage these newfound skills.

FourSight Assessment

To further enhance the innovation journey, the BAC Innovation Institute incorporates the FourSight assessment. Before the training begins, all participants undergo the FourSight assessment, providing valuable insights into their thinking preferences along the problem-solving continuum. The assessment debrief on Day 1 sets the stage for personalized learning, with FourSight-driven insights woven throughout the entire training process.

Building a Brighter Future

Since its inception, the BAC Innovation Institute has successfully trained 7 international cohorts of iMentors. As we look ahead, we continue to refine and strategize our course materials to welcome our future cohorts. Additionally, BAC is pursuing the development of an Advanced iMentor training to help perpetuate the learning experience.

By cultivating a culture of innovation through the BAC Innovation Institute, BAC is not only investing in its employees but also paving the way for a brighter, more sustainable future. BAC is leading the charge in driving meaningful change through innovation and it is truly an honor to help support this initiative.

Does your organization need unique, customized training on creative problem solving, design thinking, innovation methods, and/or visual thinking? Let us know! Mindflower Studio is happy to help.

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