The Arizona Bleeding Disorders (“AZBD”) is a 501C(3) non-profit that works to improve the quality of life of individuals and families affected by bleeding disorders. The AZBD does this by providing caring support, quality education and targeted advocacy aimed at enhancing medical care and insurance coverage for our community in the entire state of Arizona.

Utilizing the Nonprofit Lifecycles Institute self-assessment, we discovered that AZBD is now standing on the cusp of a new growth phase. AZBD collaborated with Mindflower Studio to facilitate a one-day strategic ideation session. This workshop-style gathering of board and staff members aimed to visualize the organization's ideal future state, set strategic goals, and devise actionable plans to advance each facet of the organization.

Here is what we accomplished together: 

Envisioning the Ideal Future State
The session commenced with a focus on envisioning AZBD's ideal future state. Participants explored what success would look like for the organization and set ambitious yet achievable goals.

Advancing Each "Table Leg" of the Organization
Utilizing insights from the Nonprofit Lifecycles model, the session concentrated on advancing each "table leg" of the organization. Participants identified practical, short-term initiatives to propel AZBD closer to its ideal future state.

Fostering Collaboration and Engagement
The session fostered a collaborative environment, enabling board members and staff to exchange ideas and co-create strategies. By the end of the day, participants left with a clear understanding of the organization's direction and the steps required to achieve collective goals.

In conclusion, Arizona Bleeding Disorders Board & Staff Strategic Session was a pivotal moment in AZBD's journey. With a clear roadmap and renewed enthusiasm, staff felt supported and reinvigorated to continue their exceptional work. Board members were inspired to become more actively engaged, setting the stage for AZBD's sustained growth and success in the years to come. The session served as a blueprint for AZBD's bright and promising future, ensuring its continued impact and relevance in the bleeding disorders community.

We are delighted to support AZBD again at their upcoming NOW! Conference. NOW is a national educational conference for individuals and families who are living with this chronic disorder. It is a forum to learn about new medical advances, to gain tools that can help you better manage von Willebrand Disease (VWD), and to share with others facing the same or similar challenges.  We will bring expert healthcare professionals who can best address the issues unique to VWD. With funding by a grant from CSL Behring, the AZBD is excited to organize this national conference focused specifically on von Willebrand Disease. You can learn more here:

Leigh Goldstein

Executive Director
Arizona Bleeding Disorders

Exciting, Entertaining, Valuable - Abby was an amazing facilitator for our session. Abby worked and prepped for 2-3 months before the session to learn about the organization and tailor a session to fit our needs. The session ran smoothly and all the feedback between staff and the board was overwhelmingly positive. We all left the session with clear and concise direction for the organization. The post planning communication and reports/recaps were excellent and will guide us as we implement the strategies.

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