Abby Wilkymacky

Founder of Mindflower Studio


Abby Wilkymacky (Will-Key-Mack-E), the founder of Mindflower Studio, is a facilitator and visual practitioner. Mindflower Studio is a creative consultancy that helps socially-driven organizations define and solve problems through thoughtfully designed and facilitated workshop experiences.

Abby is known for her innovative facilitation, animated doodles, and human-centered techniques that drive creative participation in surprising, fun ways. Abby holds a BS in Industrial Design and Spanish from The Ohio State University (Go Buckeyes!). As an adjunct professor at Arizona State University, she taught undergraduate and graduate-level Industrial Design and Qualitative Research courses. Abby is an active member of IFVP (International Forum of Visual Practitioners), Mindcamp (an international creativity group and conference), and the Nonprofit Lifecycles Institute (to name a few).

Abby is a native Ohioan that moved to Phoenix for the sunshine and the promise of never having to scrape snow off her car. Outside of her work you may find Abby romping around in the desert on a mountain bike, shredding the slopes on skis, eating fresh veggies out of her garden, throwing pottery on the wheel, or doing crosswords with her cat.


• Diverse perspectives and the willingness to play are the keys for organizations to create momentum and solve problems.

• Yes, you are creative. Yes, you can draw.

• Visuals lower barriers to understanding and sharing ideas.

• Noteworthy ideas don't typically come from boring meetings.

• The process is as important (if not more important) than the destination - growth, learning, and innovation happen along the way


• Facilitating dynamic, visual experiences

• Enabling teams to creatively collaborate and innovate

• Integrating purposeful play into strategic work

• Helping people “see” what they are saying with a quick doodle or full-blown graphic recording.


Almost all of Mindflower’s clients have reached back out to us for an additional quote, projects, and/or workshops.
Graduated from Valley Leadership’s Ready Together 2020 cohort (yes, this was the pandemic cohort!).
Trained facilitator for the FourSight Thinking Profile and Mindset Reveal.
Former adjunct professor at Arizona State University’s Design School; taught graduate and undergraduate level courses on industrial design and qualitative research.
Trained Capacity Consultant with the Nonprofit Lifecycles Institute + Virginia G. Piper Charitable Trust ATLAS Consultant.
On Vitalyst Health Foundation's TAP Team of Consultants.
Presented at multiple conferences including Mindcamp, AZ SHRM, Arizona Alliance of Nonprofits, ASU Lodestar Conference, and more.

Incredibly Random Facts

CRAZY ABOUT CATS • My cat Albus is Zoom’s #1 fan. Most Mindflower clients have met Albus on Zoom and a lucky few have met him in person.

SPANISH ADVENTURES • While attending the International Forum of Visual Practitioners Global Summit in Spain in 2022, I had the chance to revisit my old stomping grounds from when I was an Aupair in college. Jamon Iberico, Gazpacho, Pulpo, and Horchata are just as good as I remember them.

AUTUMNAL QUIRKS • I will go out of my way to step on a leaf that looks particularly crunchy.

DESERT LOVER • I am an outdoor and nature enthusiast who feels completely at home in the Sonoran Desert of the American Southwest.

SUSHI • If given the opportunity (and no budget), I would happily eat sushi every day.

CERAMICS • My current creative outlet and obsession is ceramics - throwing pieces on the pottery wheel brings me so much joy.
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