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Mindflower facilitated a workshop for an incredible group of refugee entrepreneurs from IRC. We discussed how to share your journey and pitch your business. In this hands-on workshop, participants learned to use divergent/convergent thinking modes and story arcs to tell their stories. In the final share-out, participants confidently pitched their businesses while simultaneously celebrating their journey.

Turn your sound on and hear what participants had to say in the video below:

Video by Josephat Zelaya Donate to IRC @ rescue.org


Danielle Luna

Microenterprise Program Coordinator, International Rescue Committee

"Abby has an inspiring vision and a breadth of experience that translates into highly effective collaborative experiences. Her creative approach and personalized curriculum design led to an enriching learning space that empowered refugee entrepreneurs to elevate their voices and share their small business journeys.

It has been a great pleasure working with Mindflower Studio and we look forward to continued opportunities to do so!"



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