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Case Study: World Usability Day by GoDaddy

Keynote Experience Spotlight

Mindflower facilitated a workshop for 120+ individuals throughout the Phoenix, AZ Area on World Usability Day 2019. We set up 17 stations throughout the room to encourage visual and verbal discussions around the United Nation's 17 Sustainable Development Goals. At each station, small groups of 3-7 were tasked with drawing and discussing the current state and ideal future for the goal at hand. Then, participants closed their conversations with 3 things they can "Start, Stop, and Keep" doing/designing/thinking/saying to help move us closer to the goal at hand.

Photography by Anna Bodney Learn more about World Usability Day here.

Tony Quiroz

Senior CX Strategist, GoDaddy

"Abby was a featured speaker at World Usability Day 2019, hosted by GoDaddy in Tempe, AZ. She helped us plan a fully interactive session with 17 workstations that got the 120+ attendees directly involved in exploring the evening’s topic of “Designing the Future We Want.” You could literally see the ideas taking shape in front of you as people worked through the ideation, sketching, and prioritization activities together in small groups. Managing a crowd that size isn’t easy, but she pulled it off with grace. We heard a lot of great feedback about the event and it generated a nice little buzz on social media, too."


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