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Case Study: Home Headquarters

Updated: Jan 12


We have had the pleasure of working with Home Headquarters on a variety of projects from meeting facilitation, board training, and staff reflection sessions. This Syracuse-based nonprofit is a housing and community development organization and certified Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI) whose mission is to create housing opportunities in Central and Upstate New York for individuals and families and improve the communities in which they live.


Mindflower Studio facilitated an eye-opening special board meeting for Home Headquarters to utilize a more strategic approach to board engagement and governance. Together, we took a deep look into each board member's "reasons for why" and discovered key themes about their engagement with HHQ, the uniqueness of this organization, the importance of relationships, and what the organization could learn and do better. In the end, the board formulated a list of commitments and roles to improve engagement and ensure that all stakeholders are heard. The final report collected these insights and set HHQ on a path to continued board engagement.


Mindflower Studio facilitated a 2-part series to help the HHQ leadership team empathize with one another and their staff members. We used a nautical theme throughout the project and started by surveying all employees at HHQ. Then, with the leadership team, we analyzed and synthesized the data. Additionally, we gave the leaders a space to share their accomplishments, concerns, questions, and ideas in an in-person reflection session. Then, we brought all staff members back into the conversation in a follow-up workshop for the entire organization. We concluded with a final report that amplified the amazing parts of HHQ and spotlighted some opportunities for continuous improvement.

We love collaborating with Home Headquarters and look forward to supporting them again in 2022.

Learn more about Home Headquarters here


Kerry Quaglia

Founder & CEO, Home Headquarters

"The session was extremely conversational and board and staff members liked it immensely. We learned some very practical tools, but also had discussions of human nature, how to engage people, etc. ... Abby also brought us all back to the basic questions we need to be asking pertaining to the purpose of the Board and why individual members were around the table."

Celina Defrancis

Executive Administrator to the CEO, Home Headquarters

"Abby is so approachable and definitely made me comfortable asking questions and allowing for open conversations. I learned easy tools to bring to our staff/board meetings to make it easier for everyone to make connections in the virtual world."


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