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Case Study: CO+HOOTS Foundation/Constellate AZ

Updated: Nov 18, 2021


Mindflower and MXD Arts teamed up to deliver a facilitated board retreat for the CO+HOOTS Foundation as they set forward to develop a new spinoff nonprofit, Constellate AZ. Our one-day customized retreat helped the Board of Directors revamp the mission, vision, and values for this new organization. Then, we closed with action planning to create momentum and help this new organization move through a state of transformation. This retreat took place during a pivotal point in the organization's lifecycle as we actively worked to turn the CO+HOOTS Foundation into the new Constellate AZ!

Learn more about the CO+HOOTS FOUNDATION HERE

lisa glenn-nobles

Executive Director,
CO+HOOTS Foundation

"What a wonderful Saturday with you two! I can't overemphasize how much everyone enjoyed it!"

Shannon Scutari

Board President, CO+HOOTS Foundation

"This (was) truly incredible. One of the most creative and productive days of my life. Wow."


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