Peaceful Schools Values Statement Visualization

Refining and Visualizing Organizational Values


Mindflower Studio partnered with Peaceful Schools to facilitate a series of consulting sessions focused on refining and visualizing their values. Throughout our sessions, we were able to assist Peaceful Schools in defining, refining, and starting to visualize their values so that Peaceful Schools' internal design team could confidently create their own visuals to represent the organization's values.

Peaceful Schools provides enrichment instruction and professional development to children, youth, teachers, and other education professionals to promote resiliency traits and positive protective factors of youth development. They are based in Syracuse, NY, and serve communities throughout the Central and Western NY regions. 

Are you interested in learning more about Peaceful Schools' programs and mission? Visit them here.


David Reckess

Vice President, 

Peaceful Schools

"Thank you so much, Abby! You have led us through a great process and skillfully facilitated some really rich discussions and editing. I appreciate how carefully you listened to each of us and deftly wove together our thoughts and perspectives. I am so happy with our final product.

We will certainly keep you posted as we take this through the next stages of finalizing and publishing."

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